Applications of Turf

  • Putting Greens
    Putting greens have low maintenance involved and add value to your home. It also costs less than you might think. For more information on how to obtain your own personal putting green call 888-SYN-TURF or click here.
  • Landscape
    Many homeowners choose to landscape their lawns with artificial turf, it creates a clean and easyto maintain area that they can enjoy. Landscape Turf is characterized by the thatch layer of yarn, also called the “root zone” or “micro fiber layer”. This curly, lower layer of yarn is there to hold up the long blades that replicate the blades of grass and at the same time minimize, or in some cases totally eliminate, the need for infill to help keep the blades up. These artificial grasses are made to most look like real grass with some models even having a tan thatch to mimic the dead grass that you can see in a natural healthy lawn. Landscape grasses typically have the highest amount of yarn per square yard and combined with the stitching of the thatch layer can make these the most expensive types of grasses to purchase.If you would like a sample of synthetic turf that is used on lawns give us a call toll free at 888-SYN-TURF or click here.
  • Dog runs
    Grass for dogs! Eliminates muddy paws and is much easier to maintain than artificial grass. Artificial turf made specifically for use with dogs has a couple of unique characteristics. One, the turf will have antimicrobial agents built into the yarn to help minimize odors by killing the bacteria that cause the odors. Two, turf made specifically for use with dogs should have excellent drainage. The two most popular products on the market are Foreverlawn’s K9Grass™ and Perfect Turf-PetGrass™. Both of these products have antimicrobial agents built into their yarn and unique backing styles designed to maximize drainage.
    To get a free estimate on your dream dog run, give us a call toll free at 888-SYN-TURF or here.
  • Pool Surrounds
    Avoid grass clippings in your pool and enjoy a much easier alternative to natural grass. For samples of synthetic turf used for pool surrounds give us a call toll free at 888-SYN-TURF or click here 
  • Playgrounds
    Artificial turf has all the advantages of fall height protection along with the look of natural grass without the high maintenance costs! Synthetic turf for playgrounds is actually a very dense landscape turf laid over some type of padding. Common padding includes rubber or foam padding that is made specifically to be used outdoors. Depending on the thickness of the padding and the density of the artificial grass, these systems can provide fall height protection of up to 10 feet without using rubber infill in the turf.For information regarding artificial turf playgrounds give us a call toll free at 888-SYN-TURF or click here.
  • Medians/ParkwaysFor a less expensive alternative to cement, synthetic turf can be installed. Plus, it looks great! To consult a professional for more info about medians or parkways, please call 888-SYN-TURF or click here.
  • Bocce ball courts
    Whether it’s for fun with the family or in a commercial setting, bocce ball courts are an excellent addition to any area. It uses turf that won’t break your bank. For a consultation with a professional about installing a bocce ball court in your area please call 888-SYN-TURF OR click here.
  • Rooftops
    For a great addition to any rooftop, synthetic turf will be sure to please. Whether it’s a large or small space, our expertise and experience will make the most out of your floor plan. If you would like more information on how to install synthetic turf to your rooftop give us a call toll free at 888-SYN-TURF or here.
    • Athletic fields
      Artificial turf made for athletic fields is easy to identify. It will have no thatch layer and is typically 2 inches to 3 inches tall. The turf is designed to be infilled with crumb rubber, silica sand, or most commonly a mixture of crumb rubber and silica sand. Athletic field turf provides the safety for sports use, but can be problematic when used for general landscaping purposes. For information in regards to getting the best quality turf, go to or call 888-SYN-TURF.

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